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What's up?
Mon May 12, 2014, 7:01 PM
Thanks, Rick. ^^
Sat Apr 26, 2014, 4:30 AM
Fri Apr 25, 2014, 11:20 AM
why do you keep flagging me?
Thu Apr 24, 2014, 4:34 PM
Nice Shoutbox ^^
Thu Apr 24, 2014, 11:55 AM


TUFF Agents' Halloween Party by TUFFAgentShepherd
TUFF Agents' Halloween Party

Here's a Halloween pic inspired by :iconshinragod: 's "Lady Malmsteen's Halloween Birthday Bash" pics.

It seems that TUFF has their own Halloween party at Allison's mansion, and almost every TUFF agent as well as their Allies and TUFF Agents from Foreign branches of the agency has attended whilst wearing crazy costumes. ;)

Now, let's go around the pic, and describe everyone in their costumes, 'cause there's a LOT goin' on here!

First up, we have our beloved Kitty Katswell dressed in her princess costume she wore for :iconsonicsatamx93: 's birthday, and she seems to be enjoying the festivities and seeing all her friends in costume. On her right is John Shepherd dressed up as a Jedi knight, and he seems to be enjoying Kitty's enjoyment as well. On Kitty's left is Dudley Puppy dressed as Captain Qwark  from the "Ratchet & Clank" games (how fitting), while Jake Wolfsbane, dressed in his old SWAT uniform, looks on pretty annoyed that Dudley's a bit TOO into his costume's character. I don't blame him.

Next up on the upper left hand corner is Elvis Stantler dressed as, well, Elvis Presley. He seems to be showing off his swag, and Eva ( :iconthedogwhitatail: 's OC), dressed as Solid Snake, seems to be impressed by this. Below Elvis is Stan Toucan dressed as Olaf the snowman from Disney's "Frozen." He seems to be having a good time. Meanwhile, Troy "Cujo" Mastiff ( :iconscarletspike: 's OC), dressed as the Incredible Hulk, is bobbing for apples, until Daisy, wearing a paper bag on her head, unplugs the tub, letting the "water" in it drain out. Just like what Derpy did:… :B
Below THAT, we see Kimiko Batsu, dressed as a Japanese tea maiden, enjoying her sake, and having a chat with Whitnee Squirrel ( :iconcaseydecker: 's OC), dressed as a Kabuki performer, who came to the party with her best friend Hayai Bunny (another of :iconcaseydecker: 's OCs), dressed as a Bunraku puppeteer, operating a puppet version of herself (which looks kinda creepy, if ya ask me XD ).

Next to Hayai, Karen Firefox ( :iconartgamerandy: 's OC), dressed as Harry Potter, seems to be critiquing the TUFF version of Twilight Sparkle, Tara Sparkle, on her costume of the legendary wizard Starswirl the Bearded, and how it looks nothing like the wizards of today's pop culture. Yo, Karen! Ya might wanna watch the upcoming "Hobbit" film and see how wrong you are. :B

Going back up, we see Dirk Sidecrutch (LittleDirtyVoodoo's OC), dressed as the most powerful man in the universe, He-Man. He's raising the Power Sword, hoping to gain the powers of Castle Grayskull. ;) Next to him is Niles Crocston dressed as an Aborigine warrior, complete with boomerang and gray tatoos. I bet ya didn't know that Niles actually had Aborigine blood in him, eh?
Next to Niles is Fiona Foxborne (TheMauveStorm's OC), dressed as a classic ghost. Given the recent art jam I threw, I don't think that needs an explanation. ;) And, over by the snack table is Thomas-Sloth Bear and Beeswax ( :iconkevfilms2x2: 's OCs). Thomas is dressed as Winnie the Pooh, complete with honey pot, and Beeswax is dressed as Buzz, the Honey Nut Cheerios bee. ^^

Beneath them is Ferenc Kiss ( :iconturbodudley: 's OC), dressed as Banjo from the "Banjo-Kazooie" games, complete with stuffed Jinjo plushie. Unfortunately, Sasha didn't wanna get stuffed in his backpack. ^^; Across the table, we have Izzy Longhorn ( :iconizzy903: 's OC), dressed up as a Lucha-Libre wrestler. He seems to be having fun, too. ^^ Below Ferenc is Collie Collar ( :iconbillybones0704: 's OC), dressed as a female pirate, whose also having a good time. ^^

Right by Collie is Allison Retriever, dressed as Sailor Moon, chatting with Shine Ortiz ( :iconshiningstaryamato: 's OC), dressed as Princess Jasmine from "Aladdin." I wonder what they seem to be chatting about? Gossip, boys, family, fighting bad guys? YOU be the judge. ;) And, finally, there's Sgt. Stallion and Cali de Frostbite (two more of :iconscarletspike: 's OCs) having a good time. ^^ Stallion is dressed up as Tommy Oliver, the White Power Ranger, and Cali is dressed up as Fluttershy from "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic," complete with Fluttershy plushie. ^^

As you can see, I tried to put in as many TUFF OCs in here as possible. It was all a matter of how many I can fit in with the size of the paper I had. I really wanted to put SOME characters in because I had good ideas for 'em. But, no biggie. I think I got enough in there. ^^

Happy Halloween, you guys! :D

Be sure to fave, and leave a comment below
FAIR constructive criticism is accepted
Anyone who leaves a nasty comment will be flagged

Stay rad, all!

Kitty, Dudley, and Daisy belong to Butch Hartman/Nickelodeon
John, Jake, Allison, Niles, Kimiko, Stan, and Elvis belong to me (as does the pic)
Eva belongs to :iconthedogwhitatail:
Dirk belongs to LittleDirtyVoodoo
Thomas and Beeswax belong to :iconkevfilms2x2:
Sgt. Stallion, Cali, and "Cujo" belong to :iconscarletspike:
Ferenc belongs to :iconturbodudley:
Izzy belongs to :iconizzy903:
Collie belongs to :iconbillybones0704:
Whitnee and Hayai belong to :iconcaseydecker:
Fiona belongs to TheMauveStorm
Twilight Sparkle belongs to Lauren Faust/Hasbro (the TUFF version is mine)
Karen belongs to :iconartgamerandy:
Shine belongs to :iconshiningstaryamato:

So of hands, who here misses "Legends of the Hidden Temple"?

*Tons of hands shoot up into the sky.*

Yeah, thought so.
I gotta say, "Legends of the Hidden Temple" has gained a cult following from Nickelodeon fans and game show fans everywhere. And, for good reason, too. It was a fun game show with cool games, had great educational value, pretty clever writing, and made the contestants feel a bit like Indiana Jones as they go through Olmec's temple in search of ancient treasures.

The show ran for 3 seasons between 1993 and 1995, but what if this show had a 4th season? Hmmmmmmm.

Well, if Nickelodeon ever decides to bring back "Legends" for a 4th season (and by "if," I mean if they cancel "SpongeBob" and all those crappy sitcoms and wastes of animation like "Breadwinners"), I figured they would make some changes to it while maintaining the original look and rules of the show.

And, here are the rules for all the young uns here on dA:
In "Legends," six teams compete to earn the right to enter an ancient temple belonging to a Mayan spirit named Olmec in search of a treasure belonging to a certain historical figure while avoiding evil Temple Guards.
First, the six teams have to cross the temple moat by either crossing a rickety bridge, swinging on a vine, bouncing from iceberg to iceberg, etc. Once a team is across, they ring in by hitting the temple gong on a pedestal. The first four teams to chime in go onto the Steps of Knowledge, where Olmec tells them the legend of the treasure their looking for, and where said treasure is located. Then, he asks the teams a question, and if they answer correctly, they move down to the next step. There are four steps total, and the first two teams to reach the bottom move onto the Temple Grounds where they play the Temple Games.
In the Temple Games, the teams are competing to win Pendants of Life, which are the only weapons to use against the Temple Guards. There are three Temple Games, each based on the legend of the episode. The first two are worth half a Pendant, and the last one's worth a whole Pendant. Whoever has the most Pendants will be proven worthy to enter Olmec's temple and retrieve the treasure.

Now, Olmec's temple has a bunch of interesting rooms, and Olmec seems to have a strange habit of remodeling it each season. And, if they make Season 4, they might change a few of the rooms. Here are the rooms I would add, and the rooms I would keep:

Rooms I would keep:
-The Ledges
-The Pit of The Pendulum
-The Tomb of The Headless Kings
-The Dark Forest
-The Shrine of The Silver Monkey (the only room that has remained unchanged since Season 1)
-The Room of The Ancient Warriors
-The King's Storeroom

And here are the rooms I would add:

-The Jaguar's Den (which will be replace The Crypt): There will be three jaguar statues in the place of the coffins, and a button by their front legs. Push the buttons to make the correct statue roar to open the door to either The Ledges or The Pit of The Pendulum.

-The Chamber of the War Drums (which will replace The Chamber of the Sacred Markers): There will be three drums, one by the door leading to The Room of The Ancient Warriors, one in front of the door leading to The King's Storeroom, and one by the door leading back to The Pit. Beat the correct drum three times to open either one of those doors.

-The Kracken's Lagoon (which will replace The Jester's Court): There will four tentacles sprouting from the floor, which is covered in fake water. The suction cups will squirt water at you. If you escape, you may have a chance to enter either The Tomb of The Headless Kings or The Dark Forest.

-The Crystal Mines (which will replace The Quicksand Bog): It will serve the same function as The Mine Shaft that The Quicksand Bog replaced. Go into the elevator and go up into The Condor's Perch, or up the ladder into The Shrine of The Silver Monkey, or plow through the stone wall into The Dark Forest.

-The Condor's Perch (which will replace The Room of the Secret Password): There's a condor statue perched above three eggs. Hatch the one containing the baby condor, and you'll go into The Shrine of The Silver Monkey.

Now, within each room will be a treasure belonging to a specific historical figure. Here are the 40 for Season 4.

1. The Bandana of Kit Carson
2. The Ink Quill of William Shakespeare
3. The Speedometer of Henry Ford
4. The Missing Ankh of Horus
5. The Burnt-Out Lantern of Paul Revere
6. The Brass Knuckles of Al Capone
7. The Torn-Up Confession of John Proctor
8. The Laurel Crown of Julius Caesar
9. The Light Bulb Prototype of Thomas Edison
10. The Medal of Theodore Roosevelt
11. The Sliced-Off Horn of The Minotaur
12. The Revolver Holster of Wyatt Earp
13. The Handcuffs of Harry Houdini
14. The Buffalo Headdress of Chief Sitting Bull
15. The Missing Abacus of Socrates
16. The Lost Palette of Rembrandt
17. The Ancient Scroll of Sun Tzu
18. The Missing Bayonet of The French Foreign Legion
19. The Veil of Mother Teresa
20. The Blue Suade Shoes of Elvis Presley
21. The Silver Dinner Plate of The Earl of Sandwich
22. The Sapphire Broach of Marie Antoinette
23. The Home Run Baseball of Babe Ruth
24. The Initialed Moon Rock of Neil Armstrong
25. The Bronze Shield of Achilles
26. The Semetar Scabbard of Sinbad
27. The Bugle of General Custer
28. The Missing Star Charts of Aristotle
29. The Music Box of Anastasia
30. The Sandals of Moses
31. The Blood-Stained Goblet of Elizabeth Bathory
32. The Lost Shoe-Buckle of Bartholomew Roberts
33. The Bus Schedule of Rosa Parks
34. The Golden Apple of Sir Isaac Newton
35. The Ash-Covered Vase of Pompeii
36. The Bejeweled Turban of the Thuggee Clan
37. The Morse Codebook of Samuel Morse
38. The Stovepipe Hat of Abraham Lincoln
39. The Sacred Armor of Judah
40. The Lost Blueprints of Walt Disney

So, that's my idea for a fourth season of "Legends of the Hidden Temple."
What do you guys think?

Leave a comment below, and sling some mud at me.

Until then...
:iconolmecplz: :iconsaysplz: Rock on, my friends!


John Krejsa
Artist | Student | Other
United States
I'm John Krejsa. I'm just a regular guy lookin' to make a name for myself. I love movies, cartoons, and video games. As my name suggests, I'm a fan of Nickelodeon's newest Nicktoon "TUFF Puppy" as well as the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from 1987. So, kind of an old and new toon sorta guy. I'll be on the lookout for any art that anyone's got, and be sure to look out for some art I might post up on dA. Later, dudes!

Which ghost do you think is scarier? 

8 deviants said The Hash-Slinger Slasher from "SpongeBob SquarePants?
6 deviants said The Ghost of Maiden's Peak from "Pokemon"?




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