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Third trailer for the new Star Wars movie…
Mon Sep 28, 2015, 8:00 PM
hey friend join my watch plz!
Sun Sep 27, 2015, 3:00 PM
I love shoutboxes tbh
Sun Aug 30, 2015, 10:21 AM
Team Katswell FTW for sure! :D
Tue Jul 28, 2015, 11:04 AM
What's up?
Mon May 12, 2014, 7:01 PM
Thanks, Rick. ^^
Sat Apr 26, 2014, 4:30 AM
Fri Apr 25, 2014, 11:20 AM
why do you keep flagging me?
Thu Apr 24, 2014, 4:34 PM
Nice Shoutbox ^^
Thu Apr 24, 2014, 11:55 AM


105 deviations
*The girls were in such shock and awe that the new U.S. History teacher at CHS Captain America, the First Avenger.*

Sunset: Now, I know I've seen you somewhere!

Cap: Didn't wanna make it easy for you girls. ;)

Sci-Twi: It all makes sense now! Mr. Rogers is actually Steve Rogers, the legendary Captain America! My mind is officially blown! :excited:

Rainbow Dash: (shrugging it off) Ah, I knew it was him all along. I was just playing along. ;P

Everyone: (giving Rainbow Dash blank stares) :|  

Rainbow Dash: What?

Indigo Zap: But, why did that janitor barge in during our rehearsal, and start to attack us?

Cap: Simple. He's not REALLY a janitor. (pulls up the unconscious janitor's sleeve, revealing a HYDRA symbol tattooed on his forearm) He's one of Red Skull's assassins.

Everyone: :wow:

Pinkie: No wonder he's here!! :)

*Meanwhile, Kiara, John, and Malshiam were strolling through the school with Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and C. Shine. Amber comes out of the bathroom as Amira after doing her "business." *

Amira: (relieved) Ah. Back to business. :phew: (she's the others, and joins up with them)

Kiara: Oh, there you are, Amira! We're so glad you can join up with us. ^^

Amira: Thanks, Kiara. Sorry for the long wait. I REALLY had to go.

Kiara: It's cool. :pat:

John: I must say, Principal Celestia, you put a lot of effort in this festival. It almost feels like you had a feeling the girls were gonna be coming to perform. ^^

Celestia: Aww I'm glad you think so, John.

Luna: Well, Sunset DID tell us so many stories about her adventures with the girls. :)

Kiara: :aww:

Amira: Well, we DID have so many adventures, and encountered many strange things like you wouldn't believe. ;)

John: :lol:

Luna: Oh, and here's the music room. Sunset and the others are setting up a little surprise for the festival, and we'd like to show you all. ^^ (opens a door to the music room, revealing the Humane 7, the Shadow 5, and Captain America standing around the unconscious HYDRA spy)

Kiara, John, Malshiam, Amira, Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and C. Shine: (gasping in horror)

Sunset: (noticing Kiara) Oh, Kiara! John! I'm sorry we had to meet under THESE circumstances. ^^;

Celestia: What is going on here?!?

Kiara: (noticing Cap) And, is that... Captain America?!? (starts geeking out) :excited: This day just keeps getting better!

John: (shooting Kiara a dirty look) Kiara. :evileye:

Kiara: (pulling herself together) Oh, sorry. ^^; (clears throat) What brings you by, Cap?

Cap: Well, ma'am. You see...

Pinkie: (cutting him off) Captain America is actually undercover here as our new U.S. History teacher, because HYDRA has sent spies to CHS to capture Sunset and Twilight. The reason being is because Red Skull was actually monitoring the magic from CHS since the Friendship Games, and he thinks that if he had his agents capture Sunset and Twilight, he could drain them of their magic, and use that magic to enslave the entire free world!!! EqG Pinkie (SQUEE) Plz by RainbowYoshi305

Cap: :jawdrop:

Sugarcoat: (not buying it) Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's not the reason.

Cap: (correcting her) Nope. She's pretty much spot on. :B

Sci-Twi: (in shock that Pinkie knew all of this) Pinkie, how did you know all that?!! :o

Pinkie: I dunno.

Sci-Twi: -_-

John: (shocked that this might turn into a series of crazy events) Oh, dear. Looks like we got another crazy villain to deal with, huh?

Kiara: 'Fraid so. :shrug:

Cap: (shaking hands with John and Kiara) Look, I'm sorry we had to meet under these circumstances. I'm...

John: Captain America, we know. I'm John Shepherd, manager of the Qittaswell Sisters belly dance troupe, and this is the leader of said troupe, Kiara Qittaswell. She was just giddy to meet you. ^^; We've been called to be the guests of honor at your little Arabian festival, but it seems we've got something to take care of first.

Kiara: Yeah. But, the question is, where IS HYDRA hiding out here, and what would Red Skull want with the magic?

Cadence: And, I have a hunch that Cinch might be involved in this as well.

Cap: Well, there's only one way to find out. We'll have to interrogate the spy.

Kiara: (thinks it over, and suddenly gets an idea) Hey! I think I got an idea!

Malshiam: What is it, Kiara? :-?

Kiara: I also heard that former TUFF agent turned SHIELD agent Kitty Katswell is working on an undercover assignment here in Canterlot City to investigate the same sort off ordeal. I'll take John, and go find her to see if she can help us out.

John: Great idea, Kiara! We'll need all the help we can get if we're gonna find HYDRA's base!

Celestia: In case, we'll be outside monitoring the festival, and see how it's coming along. You girls stay here, and keep our guest occupied.

Everyone: Yes, ma'am! :salute:

*Then, Kiara and John head off the campus, Celestia and the others return to the festival, and the Humane 7, Shadow 5, and Cap proceed to interrogate the spy, starting with Fluttershy.*

Fluttershy: So, uh, we were wondering if you could tell us where you came from so we can get to the bottom of this. Pretty pretty please? :pray:

Rainbow Dash: Oh, for Pete's sake! :ohmygod:

Spy: Forget it, you! :X

Fluttershy: (shivering in fear)

Rainbow Dash: (barging in, and slamming him against the wall) TELL US WHAT YOU KNOW, BUDDY!!! WHERE'S YOUR BASE OF OPERATIONS?!?!?

Spy: I'm not telling you people! I have my orders from Red Skull not to rat on him.

Applejack: Let me try, Rainbow Dash. > : ) (proceeds to force feed him applesauce to get him to talk)

Sunset: Man, that was something. ^^;

Applejack: Ah gave him Granny Smith's special applesauce, and he still refuses to spill the beans.

Rarity: (getting flirty) Don't worry, Applejack. Leave THIS to a professional. Flirtatious (approaches the spy in a seductive way) Hello, handsome. Would you mind telling where your base is to little old me? ;)

Sunny Flare: Boy, she's good!

Spy: Fat chance, sister. :X

Rarity: Please, just a teensy little address? ;)

Spy: No!

*Then, everyone else tries different methods to get him to talk. Lemon Zest tries blasting music in his ears. Indigo gives him static electricity in his ears. Sour Sweet gives him the good cop, bad cop routine. And, Sugarcoat just tells him blunt facts about her life. Finally, Pinkie comes in to question him.*

Pinkie: Y'know, I have a knack for saying pickle barrel kumquat together as if they're one? Pickle barrel kumquat! Pickle barrel kumquat! Pickle barrel kumquat! Pickle barrel kumquat! Oh, and you know what ELSE is very fun to say? Alpaca!!! It's even MORE fun to say, since it sounds like Alberta! Alpaca, Alberta! Alpaca, Alberta! Alpaca, Alberta! Alpaca, Alberta!

Spy: (getting annoyed) ENOUGH!!!! I can't take it anymore!!! I'll talk! I'll talk! You'll find Red Skull's hideout located one mile Northwest of Sugar Cube Corner! Please, don't tell Red Skull I told you!

Pinkie: :thumbsup:

Sci-Twi: Good job, Pinkie! ^^

Pinkie: Thanks, Twi! I have a knack for it.

Sunset: I just hope Kitty gets here, soon.

*Meanwhile, John and Kiara were back on the tour bus, and Kiara was changing out of her harem outfit, and into her usual spy outfit.*

John: Are you sure you wanna go through with this, Kitty? I mean, what if everyone at CHS gets suspicious?

Kitty: I know it's a big risk, John. But, sometimes, you just gotta take risks when you can get 'em. You got Donnie's new invention ready?

John: Sure do. ;) (pulls out a rack of eleven special packs with each of the Qittaswell Sisters' names on them)

Kitty: If HYDRA wants magic, then we'll give them magic. ;)

The Qittaswell Sisters at CHS Part 3

Okay, guys, here's the long-waited third part of the Qittaswell Sisters' adventure at Canterlot High School. ^^

Here, we learn that Red Skull has sent a spy to CHS to kidnap Sunset and Sci-Twi so he can drain their magic, and use it to rule the world.
Of course, the Qittaswell Sisters get involved in this, and Kiara decides to return to being Kitty Katswell in order to help them, and she even has a bunch of packs for the rest of the sisters to use.

And, that little factoid about Kitty now working for SHIELD? Well, to keep some Kudley fans from forming a lynch mob on me, she's only a SHIELD agent as a TUFF liason and nothing more.

Hope you all enjoy it, regardless. ^^

Be sure to fave, and leave a comment below
FAIR constructive criticism is accepted
Anyone who leaves a nasty comment will be flagged

Stay rad, all!

Kitty/Kiara belongs to Butch Hartman/Nickelodeon
John and the Qittaswell Sisters belong to me
Malmsteen/Malshiam belongs to :iconshinragod:
Amber/Amira belongs to LittleDirtyVoodoo
C.Shine belongs to :iconshinewubbortiz2199:
Captain America and HYDRA belong to Marvel/Disney
The Equestria Girls characters belong to Lauren Faust/dhx media/Hasbro
Story belongs to me, :iconshinewubbortiz2199: , and :iconthedogwhitatail:



John Krejsa
Artist | Student | Other
United States
I'm John Krejsa. I'm just a regular guy lookin' to make a name for myself. I love movies, cartoons, and video games. As my name suggests, I'm a fan of Nickelodeon's newest Nicktoon "TUFF Puppy" as well as the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from 1987. So, kind of an old and new toon sorta guy. I'll be on the lookout for any art that anyone's got, and be sure to look out for some art I might post up on dA. Later, dudes!

Okay, who wants to see the Masters of Evil appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? 

8 deviants said I definately would! Where would the Avengers be without the Masters of Evil. They're like an evil Avengers. ^^
4 deviants said The who? :-?
1 deviant said I wouldn't. It would be too much for the writers to wrap a good plot around it. :B



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